Gymini Kick and Play

Engage your baby’s sensory experience with the Gymini® special responsive pad. Electronic pad stimulates baby to increased movement. Three stages of play: closed border for infants; an extra-large open mat for increased movement as baby develops; and sitting play when baby is older.

tiny love gymini kick and play Bournemouth baby centre

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer

Turning tummy time into fun time with an innovative and engaging tummy time mobile
that doubles as an on-the-go toy. The upside-down revolution!


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Princess Tales

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, lived a fun-filled group of friends: Florence the Fawn, Izzy the Bear, Albertina the Beaver and Nicole the Badger. Under the pink trees and among fluttering butterflies, they enjoy exciting adventures together.

Magical Tales

Our black-and-white Magical Tales™ Collection is perfect for young babies. With contrasting colors and bold graphics, these stylish products support development from day one and grow with your baby

Meadow Days

Enter our Interactive Nursery and explore Tiny Love’s newest collection! Inside, discover and explore products designed to help you create a world of wonder for your baby.